Which is your favourite supermarket and why?

Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose, Morrisons or Aldi?
Sorry, forgot to mention Asda!

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27 Responses to “Which is your favourite supermarket and why?”

  1. honeysuckle says:

    Asda one week, Sainsbury next, then Tesco. alphabetical order

  2. uslot216 says:

    none, asda! cheaper than the rest

  3. Wobbly says:

    I love Tesco. We’ve got a huge one near us and it sells all sorts. They’ve got a huge range, good prices and the Clubcard scheme is fantastic.

  4. richard_beckham2001 says:

    Morrisons, it is local to us and is good value for money.

  5. First Ascent says:

    Anything but Sainsbury’s.
    Reason – the perception that they are better when they are not.

  6. veg_rose says:

    I use then all as none of them are perfect.

  7. BigPip01 says:

    grande food, winco, and freddy

  8. Jude says:

    Ocado (Waitrose’s online service) because I can order what I want and have it delivered, and they almost always have everything I order in stock, they offer one hour delivery slots so you don’t have to wait in all morning, and the delivery man takes it straight to my kitchen!

  9. Stewie says:

    My favorite is Albertson’s, but they don’t have one where I live now. When I lived in Boise, Idaho, I was two blocks away from the first Albertson’s ever built.

  10. Silvereagle says:

    Sell, since I’ve never even heard of the others I guess I’ll have to say Aldi, they are very cheap the only thing I don’t like is bagging my own groceries and putting a quarter in the baskets to get one.

  11. googoogirl says:

    RANDALLS FOOD & DRUG Houston. Fresh meat & produce, clean store, very frindly & helpfull employees.

  12. Maggs says:

    Asda. ‘Cos i work for them. And of course they are the best, lol.

  13. lek says:

    I only know aldi out of the selection, but harris teeter is very good

  14. myrlabelle says:

    asda all the way baby

  15. book girl says:

    i would have to say m and s for special occasions and tesco for everyday, they are clean and have a good variety of foods, sainsburys is really good but i don’t have a local one so i miss out.

  16. retired gentleman says:

    I use Somerfield/// Morrisons
    asda is too far away from me.

  17. cj says:

    My favourite supermarket at all time is Asda’s.

  18. echelon says:

    Sainsbury’s are my favourite!

    Their own brand products are very good quality and they’re no more expensive than Tesco.

    The staff are always polite and well-trained and the stores have a great range of products.

    Tescos are the worst because they’ve started to put nut allergy warnings on ALL of their own brand products as a disclaimer so that they don’t get sued and lose any of their precious money! Even their own brand sausages has a nut warning on! They hardly sell any other brands of products either so you’re forced to buy theirs. I fkn hate Tesco. My little boy has a very bad nut allergy so we never shop there now.

    Chavs always shop at Asda.

    Aldi sells nice food.

    Morrisons isn’t too bad.

    Marks & Spencer is okay, but their stuff is expensive.

  19. Janis says:

    Aldi’s Just about everything is good there except for the instant coffee. They have a $1.99 frozen pizza, many varieties that is our favorite frozen pizza. They also have dog treats that are just fine, ingredient wise, that my dogs go wild for and a 3 pound bag of rawhides at a very good price- all USA or Brazilian beefhide, no Chinese chemicals. I don’t mind the quarter for the cart or bagging my own stuff

  20. hitomiki says:

    I’ve never heard of any of the supermarkets that you listed. Well I live in California and my favorite supermarket is Albertson’s, but now it is called Lucky’s. They just changed the store name last week. I like that store because the produce is fresh and the store is always clean and nice and neat. Also, they have a rule were when the line has at least three people in a line, they open up a new line and they also have a line were you can pay for your things yourself. The food and things they sell there are also cheap most of the time so yeah that’s why I like that store.

  21. Black Orchid says:

    I havent got a favourite i use them all for different reasons

  22. *~{linkinpark4life}~* says:



    been there so many times i know it like the back of my hand! (which doesnt make sense as i dont know what the back of my hand is like LOL)



  23. quierounvaquero says:

    Morrisons because they are the only one who are still all or mostly about the food! Plus their salad bar is really good, loving it!
    At uni I shop at Asda though because it is closest to my flat.

  24. bolavo says:

    I like Tesco better value and quality I think there roast chicken on a spit is great I also like asda cause they do make ya own pizza

  25. BigD says:

    Well done for not mentioning Somerfield there rubbish I use ASDA and MORRISONS

  26. looi says:

    Morrisons or Sainsbury’s. They don’t sell clothes and they have a wide range of food, at fairly reasonable prices.

  27. arethusa_lad says:

    Sainsbury’s, because they gave me a box of chocolates on my birthday, I don’t eat choccies but at my local doctors surgery when I handed them over they were scoffed with glee as were a large box of jelly babies. Doctors and nurses telling us all to watch our diets and gobbling my sweets like there will be no tomorrow???????????????

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