Which Job Should I Choose?

1) Vintage Furniture sales associate. I really like this job. Get to work a bit on their blog. It’s easy, fun, not very demanding. Boss and customers are wonderful. Meet interesting people and be surrounded by beautiful design. It’s not really intellectually stimulating. Would pay barely enough to cover my expenses with no opportunity to advance.
2) 6 month contract office job in small educational software marketing firm. Will be able to provide a lot of strategic insight and direction and pretty much make over their marketing program. Job involves lots of research, which I enjoy, and about 2 hours a day of phone prospecting which I hate passionately. It’s dull and grinding and officey. It pays about $500 more per month than job #1. It’s a contract to June 27 with an option to renew. Management is very nice.
Long term goals: Own my own vintage clothing store, and take a month-long trip to Iceland in July (which I’ve wanted to go on for 3 years, but haven’t been able to come up with the money). I’m 26-years-old and have a university degree.

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3 Responses to “Which Job Should I Choose?”

  1. Mort à mal says:

    Take the first job.

  2. Gruffice says:

    3) Drug dealer

  3. Ashy says:

    I know you have an abvious passione for job #1, but i think you should go with job #2, since it pays better it will help reach both of your goals faster. And it’s only temporary, so, if you couldn’t stand it that much, just don’t renew after six months. Good luck

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