Which Laptop Should I Pick? Please Answer!?

Hey guys look i am stuck between these three laptops.
This One,
Also this one,
And lastly this one,
Hey guys i am trieng to decide which one to get for my birthday. the game i play is usually league of legends. To mke it clear i will be using this computer for gaming! And what do you guys prefer on a gaming laptop intel i7 or amd a10?

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2 Responses to “Which Laptop Should I Pick? Please Answer!?”

  1. kamquatd says:

    i play league of legends and i personally, from experience had a bad time with acer, and with toshiba, intel, and hp things worked excellently X)

  2. Walker says:

    i7 is nothing but an i5 with hyperthreading. Worthless for gaming.
    Go for the thinkpad and grab another 4GB of RAM.

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