Which Looks Better On A Resume…1 Or 2?

-Assisted customers at checkout with their groceries
-Cleaned the sales floor
-Counted cash drawer balance at the end of shift
-Answered customers questions as needed
-Provided customer service to shoppers
-Acknowledged by shoppers as being courteous, professional, and attentive to their needs
-Offered the opportunity to be promoted to a higher level job position
-Ranked numerous times in the top 25% of all cashiers in the store, according to data reports that were publicly displayed to employees by employer

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3 Responses to “Which Looks Better On A Resume…1 Or 2?”

  1. DavidVon says:

    Shorter is generally better. However 2) seems better.

  2. ƒⅈs✟ℇⅅ ☾✯☽ Տℹʂ✞℮ℜ says:

    You’re trying too hard in resumé 2 to sell yourself. Do that verbally once you’re hired.

  3. ♥ Stef Still Knows How To Cry says:

    for resume use #1…….save #2 when you sit in front of the interviewer if they ask you to go into details

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