Which mobile company do you think has the best customer service & also the best deals?

I’m thinking of leaving my current contract deal with T-Mobile when it comes up for renewal as they seem unwilling to listen to me when I think they’ve made a mistake. Is there a mobile company in the UK that has good customer service, also appreciates loyalty from the customer and for that has good price tariffs?

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12 Responses to “Which mobile company do you think has the best customer service & also the best deals?”

  1. vampini says:

    Voda are pretty good their network coverage is the best I have ever had…..and when you upgrade they do better deals and phones!

  2. ALLY R says:

    i would go with virgin i have been with them for years and had no problem check out there web site

  3. holeeycow says:

    they are all the same. really they are.

  4. David H says:

    According to the latest polls Vodafone have the best customer service, tailor your own tariff and choose from the latest handsets on the market.

  5. Qwerty P says:

    go to virgin, their customer is the best, i’ve with them for many year after leaving T-mobile.

  6. chelseagirl says:

    To be honest I have been on most of the networks and out of all of these I have found T-Mobile far out weigh the others. If you think they are bad, just wait till you try the others!

  7. Rachael D says:

    I worked at Phones4u for a long long long time… and i can honestly say that by far the best phone pople are Orange!!

    They have FANTASTIC customer service that has UK call centres.

    They also do super price plans with unlimioted texts or calls!!

    They will upgrade u early if ur a good customer too and they are in the top 3 for coverage 🙂

  8. stardustlost86 says:

    Definately NOT O2! My phone was broken a week after I got it and they didn’t accept that there was a fault and refused to exchange it, I think because they’d sold me the last one from that shop and they didn’t want the hassle of returning it. Also when I asked them for the number for contract customer services to ring up and check if they were allowed to do this the store deliberately gave me the wrong number for pay as you go customer service. Also another time ended up argueing with me about the memory capacity until I asked them to check on the box and it turned out I was right, they thought (and must have been telling ppl) it had ten times the memory it actually had!

  9. kooldude1940 says:


  10. lucy says:

    Vodafone by a mile are the best, great customer service, no waiting in queues on hold! aslo if you have a problem they will do their upmost to sort it. And great deals, stop the clock, passport, family. go to your local store and they can explain what these features are but i can asure you they are great! I have been a customer for 2 years and have a better dealthan any1 else i kno and i work in a phone shop so thats saying something!!

  11. Matt W says:

    Have you tried looking on http://www.moneysupermarket.com/MobilePhones/default.aspx angie11? There’s a thing on there (not sure where abouts) where people rate the companies on customer service, billing, etc. Worth a look… Think you’ll find they’re probably one of the better ones though lol

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