Which Of The Following Accounts Would Be Operating Activities?

A- Cash
B- Accounts Receivable
C- Allowance for Doubtful Accounts
D- Interest Receivable
E- Inventory
F- Supplies
G- Prepaid Rent
H- Prepaid Insurance
I- Available for Sale Investments (non-current)
J- Land
K- Buildings
L- Accumulated Depreciation- Buildings
M- Equipment
N- Accumulated Depreciation- Equipment
O- Patents
P- Accounts Payable
Q- Salaries Payable
R- Utilities Payable
S- Interest Payable
T- Unearned Rent
U- Income Taxes Payable
V- Dividends Payable
W- Notes Payable (non-current)
X- Common Stock
Y- Additional Paid in Capital
Z- Retained Earnings
AA- Dividends
BB- Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income
CC- Treasury Stock
DD- Sales Revenue
EE- Sales REturnes and Allowances
FF- Sales Discounts
GG- Interest Revenue
HH- Rent Revenue
II- Dividend Revenue
JJ- Cost of Goods Sold
KK- Purchases
LL- Purchase Returnes and Allowances
MM- Purchase Discounts
NN- Salaries Expense
OO- Bad Debt Expense
PP- Rent Expense
QQ- Supplies Expense
RR- Depreciation Expense – Buildings
SS- Depreciation Expense- Equipment
TT- Patent Amortization Expense
UU- Utilities Expense
VV- Insurance Expense
WW- Interest Expense
XX- Income Tax Expense

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