Which Of The Following Statements Does Not Reflect A Fundamental Disagreement Between…..?

Which of the following statements DOES NOT reflect a fundamental disagreement between neoclassical and environmental economic philosophies (which of these is false)?
a.) long-term effects are discounted in neoclassical economics and not discounted in environmental economics
b.) the assumption of neoclassical economics is that rational thinkers would not use the last of something (like cutting the last trees on Easter Island) because as the resource became more scarce it would become more and more valuable–eventually too valuable to purchase. Environmental economists are not as confident and predict the depletion of natural resources over time.
c.) a decline in the GDP (gross domestic product) in neoclassical economics does not calculate harm to the environment, a decline in GPI (genuine progress indicator) occurs if the environment is degraded as a result of economic activity in environmental economics
d.) the cost of environmental degradation is discounted over time in neoclassical economics and not discounted in environmental economics
e.) short-term costs and benefits are granted more importance in neoclassical economics and long-term costs and benefits are given more value in environmental economics

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