Which Of These Circular Saws Should I Get?

The Black & Decker and Triton both have laser guides and are more powerful than the Bosch but the Bosch has a 70mm depth of cut and 56 bevel and isn’t Bosch a better brand.
If there is a better one at that price range could you suggest it?

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6 Responses to “Which Of These Circular Saws Should I Get?”

  1. pickmefi says:

    the Black and Decker

  2. John from Ct. says:

    Bosch is a better brand. I would go with the Bosch

  3. GRAHAM says:

    I have used circular saws for 40 years , the bigger wattage the motor has the longer they last , so buying something cheap now is not the best long term deal . You don’t say what you are going to use it for , one important consideration is the balance and the weight . Another thing that’s important is the angle adjuster and how its marked out . Some are only marked every 5 degrees , and its difficult to set the saw for say 22.5 degrees . You definitely want to handle before you buy , and remember at times you will be using it with your arms at full stretch. Best of luck

  4. not as think as you drunk I am says:

    they are all sidewinders – for real power get a worm drive

  5. Bazza says:

    I would buy the Bosch. I have three Bosch power tools. The circular saw is about 40 years old now and still going strong. Good design and engineering means durability.

  6. Rondi says:

    Dewalt. Same price range. Much better tool. Dewalt and Black & Decker are now the same…….the Dewalt product line is simply a higher quality.

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