Which Of These Items Would You Support To Help Pay Off Us Debts?

A. Carbon Tax.
“In recent weeks, several prominent Republican thinkers have floated the idea of imposing higher taxes on gasoline, coal and natural gas. The increases, they say, would be offset by tax cuts on paychecks, dividends or corporate taxes.”http://money.cnn.com/2012/07/30/news/eco…
B. Poll Tax or Mandatory Voters IDs.
C. Increasing Sales Taxeshttp://www.allgov.com/news/where-is-the-…

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8 Responses to “Which Of These Items Would You Support To Help Pay Off Us Debts?”

  1. Future America says:

    D. A different President

  2. ★Ŕ♡MΛŔƐ★ says:

    A. Yes
    B. Not constitutional, so no.
    C. Too regressive, so no.

  3. bobemac says:

    None of the above will do anything to lower the debt, why can’t you liberals see that….FACT!!

  4. Paul Jackson says:

    i don’t support any of them.

  5. Chewy Ivan 2 says:

    A) Carbon Tax.
    I think poll taxes and mandatory voter IDs are a greater threat to our country than the debt. I also don’t like increasing sales taxes because it hits lower income Americans more.

  6. Shovel Ready says:

    D. Federal employees are grossly overpaid. Cut every federal salary by 75%.. Problem solved.

  7. mebo says:

    D. Cut spending

  8. River says:

    Never TRUST POLITICIANS with more MONEY – #1 !!! Of course they’d love more money and they do make the most money from NATURAL RESOURCED like OIL, GAS, COAL … the best way would be to CUT Politicians Pork & Perks … along with ending the MONETARY support of LOSER COUNTRIES like Africa, Mid East, etc 😉 !!!

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