Which Of These Two Cars Are Better?

hey guys I am going to be buying my first car this weekend. I am 17 years old and have had my license for a year and a half. I have a good paying job making about 12 dollars an hour. I have found two cars I really like. one is a 2004 saab 9-3. it has 93,000 miles. the other is a 2007chevy cobalt with 49,000 miles. the saab is for sell for 7500 but its side view mirrors are black (not sure what that means). the cobalt is for sale for 9500 and is in good working order and everything looks good.

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2 Responses to “Which Of These Two Cars Are Better?”

  1. Jhunt says:

    Saabs are very good car but reliability wise they are not the best vehicles to consider. This goes for the Chevy Cobalt as well (it will be more reliable than a Saab but not as good as a Toyota). Since you are young and and have a 12/hr income, I would advise you to consider a Japanese vehicle because they are reliable, cheaper to insure and tax and also fuel efficient.

  2. Hnst abe says:

    Forget any european vehicles, they are extremely expensive to maintain and parts are very expensive and hard to find. The cobalt would be the best choice cost wise in the long run. Japanese vehicles are tops, especially Honda`s. .

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