Which One Of These Issues Do You Think Would Be Easiest To Write About?

I have to write an argumentative essay on one of these topics, of which, unfortunately, I don’t feel passionate about any… So I may as well pick the one I could find to most information on the easiest.
1. Congress term limits
2. Value added/ national sales tax
3. Minimum wage
4. Affirmative action
5. Required testing in schools
7. School vouchers
8. US role as worlds “policeman”

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4 Responses to “Which One Of These Issues Do You Think Would Be Easiest To Write About?”

  1. Christian Libertarian Time Lord says:

    Minimum wage. The amount of literature, research, and studies on how badly it works is quite plentiful.

  2. Media Bias Watcher says:

    Your teacher might appreciate hearing a new argument for #7 – school vouchers.
    People should really be looking at this issue as a new form of discrimination. The areas where vouchers and their sister program, charter schools, have gone into affect all show the same thing.
    They are OPENLY discriminating.
    The schools who accept this government funding are not taking and aren’t being made to take the entire population of the area. They refuse to take any students with any special needs. They cherry pick the intellectual cream of the crop so their test scores look better.
    If they are getting one dime of government tax dollars then they should have to take every single student in that given area regardless of their educational needs.

  3. NeilSher says:

    The EASIEST to write about would be “Congress term limits”, nothing complex there, no hi-falutin ideologies or fancy forked-tongue double-meanings – either you’re for or against having to remember a new name every so often.
    The MOST FUN would be the “how do YOU like it, teach’?” of Class Results reflecting on teaching careers and school funding – Kids COULD use that as “blackmail” which is why so many teachers and administrators ‘hate’ the idea.
    The most serious would be the 4th Reich.

  4. Marilyn Kietzman says:

    Affirmative action, in many aspects it runs parallel to many guidelines as ACLU, it encompasses minimum wage, human resources.

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