Which Option To Choose For Doing Ccna?

Option a) NIIT One World(http://www.niit.com/services/ITEducationforIndividuals/HWandNetworkingCourses/Documents/80505%20CCNA%20Leaflet-1.pdf & http://www.niit.com/services/ITEducationforIndividuals/HWandNetworkingCourses/Documents/80505%20CCNA%20Leaflet-2.pdf)
i)CCNA Course Fees-Rs.14606(inclusive of VAT+books+Vlab)
I have to pay for Cisco CCNA Exam later i.e 295$
(Is VAT applicable on Exam Fees?)
ii)Course Fees-Rs.38090((Inc.of VAT,books,Vlab & Xam Vouchers)
Option b)Aptech Hardware & Networking Academy(http://www.aptechnpower.com/netlink_hardware_engineer.html)
-Its is a combo package of Digital Electronics,Basics of Hardware & Networking,Microsoft Certified Techhnology Specialist-Win 7,Red Hat Sytem Administration I,Cisco Certified Network Associate & CompTIA Security+
-this complete package fees is 25000 Rs. Course duration is 240 Hrs class whch il tke 6 to 8 months to complete
-upon completion il get participation certification from Microsoft & Red Hat
-whn I pass CCNA Xam il get Cisco certification too
-Is a participation certificate from Microsoft & Red Hat is of any value?
*P.N:My main point is to pass CCNA Exam… so which option is btr NIIT or Aptech?

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One Response to “Which Option To Choose For Doing Ccna?”

  1. Autograp says:

    I think you should go with that course that is better for your bright future. Don’t see about money.

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