Which places can an RAF Form 3822 get me a discount?

I have heard that with this little blue book you can get discounts at shops or places of interest. Will this give me a discount at any shop or POI’s, if not, which shops/POI’s would it save my pennies?

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2 Responses to “Which places can an RAF Form 3822 get me a discount?”

  1. one shot says:

    You don’t normally get a discount anywhere – you’re a Cadet, not HM Forces.

    Having said that, if your Sqn CO has anything about him he will have done a deal with local suppliers/surplus stores for kit at a discount. If not, make the suggestion to the staff on Squadron.

    I did for the two Squadrons I ran during my time – and in these days of economic depression the shops will be more than willing to do a deal of it means more business through their door.

  2. Mercury says:

    That is a ATC form l cannot think why you would get any discounts but
    ask your Sqn

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