Which Political Party Was Represented By Those Indicted In The House Post Office Scandal And Abscam?

The House of Representatives Post Office Scandal helped destroy the 40-year Democratic majority. It began innocently enough as the Capitol Police investigated one person for embezzlement. Once evidence mounted implicating House members, the Speaker of the House moved to quash the investigation. The public howled in protest, but the press and the majority party tried to ignore the scandal until the postmaster plead guilty blowing the scandal open. In the aftermath, powerful Congressman Dan Rostenkowski went to prison and combined with other scandals leading to the Republican takeover of Congress.
The Capitol Police investigated embezzlement charges in the House of Representatives Post Office. Originally, they targeted a solitary employee, but the investigation quickly expanded to include many workers. The Democratic leadership quickly moved to stop the investigation. Clearly, they feared what the police would discover.
The U.S. Post Office took up the case and issued a scathing report. Speaker of the House Tom Foley did his best to censor the report, but elements leaked to the press. In 1992, news of embezzlement and money laundering trickled out to the public. Congress launched an investigation designed to whitewash the affair. In July, the Democratic report claimed an end to the scandal. The Republican report disagreed and raised serious questions about the House Post Office.
The scandal disappeared in the subsequent months, but reappeared the following year. In 1993, the Congressional Postmaster pled guilty on three counts and cooperated with investigators. His testimony sent Dan Rostenkowski and Joe Kolter to prison. The pair led a money laundering conspiracy using stamps and vouchers. Kolter went to prison for six months and Rostenkowski received 18 months.
Rostenkowski’s conviction rattled the Democratic Party. Prior to the scandal, he served as Ways and Means Chairman making him one of the most powerful men in Washington D.C. His conviction in 1995 accentuated the corrupt nature of Congress at a time when the president experienced a “scandal-a-week.” At the same time, another House Scandal involving check kiting gripped the body. The scandals engulfing the Democratic Party in the early-to-mid 1990s helped lead to the Republican takeover of Congress in 1994.
The Democrats ruled the House of Representatives for around 40 years. The lengthy run led to arrogance and corruption culminating in several House scandals. The Post Office Scandal helped bring down one of the most powerful men in the capitol and combined with a banking scandal and Clinton Administration scandals to destroy the Democratic majority. The 1994 elections shocked the Democrats to their core and led to a G.O.P. majority of 12 years. Ironically, the Republicans followed the Democrats example and scandal helped end their majority in 2006. ———————————-…
The Abscam Scandal….
In 1978, the FBI set up a sting to crack down on the trafficking of stolen property. In short order, the investigation morphed into a public corruption probe. Prior to Abscam, the government convicted only a handful of federal officeholders for bribery. The sting operation investigated 31 officials, ensnared a U.S. Senator, several congressmen, local politicians, and an INS inspector.
The FBI set up a dummy corporation with a mystery man at the center to pique the interest of people involved in trafficking stolen goods. Abdul Enterprises Ltd. had a Washington D.C. house, yacht, and rented hotel rooms in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The agency set up meetings between clients and “Kambir Abdul Rahman” to facilitate money laundering, an investment scheme, and for the purchase of safe passage into the U.S.
Surprising, the FBI began receiving visits from public officials. They quickly changed the focus of the investigation to target public corruption. They quickly identified 31 officials in the probe. New Jersey Senator Pete Williams became the biggest fish to fall. In 1981, the government obtained a conviction for bribery and conspiracy. Williams met with undercover agents several times to help provide government contracts to the phony organization in exchange for company shares. He resigned from office rather than face expulsion.
Along with Senator Williams, five U.S. House Members also received convictions for bribery and conspiracy in 1981. The feds convicted several lesser officials as well. Before his conviction, Congressman Frank Thompson lost his re-election bid to an unknown Republican. The G.O.P. placed Chris Smith’s name on the ballot just to ensure a candidate. Sometimes, sacrificial lambs win. Thompson and others claimed entrapment, but the courts overturned only one conviction on those grounds.

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  1. Reasonin says:

    as a democrat
    you really don’t wanna start a conversation about
    Congress members, administration members and senators convicted of crimes while in office
    because since 1970 there have been approx 40 democrats convicted and sent to prison and around 8 republicans
    2. even talking about indictments, clinton had more administration members indicted than any other administration in history
    and had more convictions than any other administration in history

  2. jeeper_p says:

    Democrats and their unions.

  3. Full Circle 33 says:

    well, I doubt it was the Republican party !
    they NEVER have scandals

  4. courtesy says:

    The free compost party

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