Which rat cage is better?

Hi, I want to get a few pet rats and need a rat cage. (Apart from the wire flooring which i am going to cover) Which of these two cages is better:



I cant decide between height or width.

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3 Responses to “Which rat cage is better?”

  1. Hatz says:


    This one is better for rats. You always want to go higher rather than wider for rats. They LOVE to climb. You will have to cover the wire flooring like you said, and make fleece covers for the stairs, so no ratty feet get caught and broken. This cage will hold about 2 – 3 rats.

  2. Kera says:

    Both are equal length so go for the taller one. If you use this cage it’s best to remove the wire shelves altogether and replace it with hammocks and the like.

    I used one of these cages short term for a pet and it wasn’t that great to be honest, pretty cheaply made, the door springs are annoying and it doesn’t last very well. Here are some better options IMO:


    These are all a bit more expensive than your choice but if you ebay search the names you may be able to find one second hand…better paying for a second hand one in good condition than a poorly made new one IMO.

  3. DesolationDreamer says:

    The First One Is much Better! I Have This Exact Cage, Bought From The Exact Ebay User. Its Really Good And The Rat Calculater Says Is Big Enough For 5 Rats, But I Would Put A Maximum Of 4 In It Really 🙂

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