Which Sims 3 Expansion Pack Is Better Generations Or University Life?

I have Sims 3 with Ambitions and Late Night
Now i want to buy Generations and University life, i have special discount coupon from SimCity, but origin not recognizing it:(
Now i thinking with is better expansion university or generation???

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3 Responses to “Which Sims 3 Expansion Pack Is Better Generations Or University Life?”

  1. Matt and Jenn says:

    The discount code probably isn’t working because of the sale on origin right now Generations is on sale for $9.99 and University is on sale for $27.99 so really you could get both for the normal price of one. If you really have to choose it depends on your style of gaming if you play more with families with children you should go with Generations if you play with young adults and older University is the way to go. For that price though I say get both.

  2. riley says:

    i think university

  3. Kamran says:

    I would say University Life would be the better choice.

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