Which Streaming Media Server Should I Use? Adobe Or Wowsa?

Hi All
I have a website with over 4000 members currently using Wowza Media Server. I am looking at the option of Adobe Media Server.
I am looking for your thoughts on both products and major differences between the two. I have searched but cannot find a decent comparison for my needs.
Sorry if any of my terminology is off I am mostly self taught in this area.
For the site I am hoping to have the following things implemented.
– Support to play back on mac, pc, iphone, android clients.
– I want to be able to upload one 1080p .h264 mp4 file and then the media server will automatically transcode it to smaller size as needed for example an iphone. Or similar to youtube if the user wants to view at 720p instead they can just choose that option.
– It will also need to ‘buffer’ the video so if the user pauses the video it will keep downloading so if they are on a slow connection they can watch it easily.
Is the transcoding going to be resource heavy on the server and does it affect quality (ie if someone watches at 720p is it going to look worse than having multiple instances of the same video eg exporting 720p directly from premiere pro)?
I have tried to talk to adobe but they were hard to understand and get points across with their call center being offshore. He did mention that with adobe media server that you are provided with space on adobes servers to stream from and that those servers would handle the transcoding although im not sure on bandwidth or space etc until I talk to their sales team. Currently this is all done on my hosted website.
Think thats all for now. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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