Which Studio Lights Are Better?

I need them for my Youtube videos, but I know nothing about lights !!! looking at the 2 lights (both links below) and reading them the the Ebay ones (at £59.99) look like they produce more light – which is better right ? so i should buy them ?
also is there a thing as too much lighting ??
any tips to do with lighting would be extremely helpful !
I want this sort of lighting click on the video to see what i want please consider this whilst answering please and thank you !

ALSOOOOOOOOOOO I wear glasses ! so will the light reflect back from the lights when i record or take pictures ?

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One Response to “Which Studio Lights Are Better?”

  1. fhotoace says:

    Basically single CF bulb lights do not produce enough light for your purposes.
    Look for lights that use 4 or 5 CF lamps with adjustable light control.
    Generally there is NO such thing as too much light, at least for all practical purposes.
    Your link to youtube shows that the videographer was using 1:1 lighting ratio (no discernible shadows on either side of the spokespersons face)
    It is easy enough to keep the lights from reflecting off your glasses, just move them so that the angel of incidence does not allow refection into the camera.
    EDIT: You could use one of these adapters to add more CF lights to the single lamp fixtureshttp://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/88…

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