Which Tablet Should I Choose? (xmas Present)?

I’ll get a tablet from my grandparents for Christmas and I would like to hear some independet opinions which one to choose. First I was into this one: http://www.amazon.co.uk/L%C3%A9likTec-Ca…
So I asked for the amount of money I need to purchase this — but my grandparents were generous so I could also choose this one: http://www.amazon.co.uk/A1CS-RAPID5%C2%A…
The Rapid 5 is more expensive and seems to do more than the other, but I fell in love with the prurple one, before that I wasnt into tablets in general. I know it is so cow-like to choose the worse one just because of its color and because that was the one I fell in love with, and now I really dont know how to decide — I will regret either way.
Any persuading reasons to choose the Rapid?
Thank you

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One Response to “Which Tablet Should I Choose? (xmas Present)?”

  1. ROBERT says:

    There are other tablets available as well.. Samsung has some, such as the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0″, although I don’t know the price.
    First question when choosing any kind of device, is what will you be using it for? Then compare what features each has, compare those to what you will use. Some key features to watch is screen resolution for videos, battery life time, file formats it’ll open/read. Network capability? Memory size.
    Also for tablets size is another feature. Do you want something as small as the 7.0″ or go for the nice 10.0″ for much larger viewing area, but does increase cost, weight and physical size.
    If you can, read reviews on both devices, and see how they compare. Sometimes something seems great, but the reviews give it a bad light. Also if you can play with a demo model will also help you decide as nothing beats hands on experience with the device.

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