Which Version Of Sims 3 Is Better?

I was looking on Amazon.co.uk to buy Sims 3 when I came across a
2009 version:
and a 2012 version:
I want to know which one would be better? or are they the same? and also which one would run on Windows 8?
Thanks 🙂

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2 Responses to “Which Version Of Sims 3 Is Better?”

  1. Ajay Rapid Fire says:

    sims 3 dark of the moon or dark moon whatever… i found my friend was always saying this is the best game but i’ve never played and… ya the another sims 3 ambitions its also the best game said by my friend.

  2. Matt and Jenn says:

    They are both the same. There are issues on Windows 8 with the game but there are fixes you can look up on thesims3.com
    I’m not sure if Origin.com works where you live but if it does that is honestly your best option they are on sale and you can buy a PLUS version which will include an expansion add on with the base game. Good luck. Happy Simming.

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