Which Yamaha Keyboard Should I Get?

I am a beginner and have been looking for a good entry level keyboard. I want to know if I should get a 61 key or an 88 key. I also found two keyboards that are 61 keys for a pretty cheap price. Which one is better: The Yamaha ypt 230 which is on sale at a local store for $80, or the yamaha e233 which is $80 and has all 5 star reviews from musicians friend as being a great beginner keyboard.

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One Response to “Which Yamaha Keyboard Should I Get?”

  1. Maria says:

    i was a beginner 4 years ago and i definitely tell you get the 88 key. You will need it. You will get used to playing on it and even if you dont continue your lessons 88 key is better to have in the long run. Please answer mine 🙂

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