Who do you prefer; Marks or Spencers?

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9 Responses to “Who do you prefer; Marks or Spencers?”

  1. Time For Heroes says:


  2. xpatinasia says:


  3. peptroy says:


  4. Ben J says:

    Neither. I go to Tesco.

  5. baffled says:

    Top Marks for Spencer…

  6. Iama Banana says:


  7. Deighton says:

    My boss is dealing with them, and he had to be specially briefed that the second half is ‘Spencer’ (singular), they hate being called Marks & Spencers with an erroneous s.

  8. Dave Harrison says:

    Sadly our branch in Scunthorpe closed earlier this year after being open since 1922! T.J.Hughes is in receivership. By the way,Marks and Spencer is not "which one" they come together. Micheal Marks was Jewish.I dont know who Spencer was?

  9. jugggle says:

    M & M too expensive for me
    i prefer sainburys clothes.
    in answer to your question, everyone shortens it to Marks
    ive never heard anyone say they are gong to shop at Spencers

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