Who Do You Think The Saints Will Get During Fa?

Revis, Saints need a guy like him like a fat kid need bypass. & they can get him at a discount due to his knee. ( Rodgers- cromartie & Asomugha are also available & other ok not great but good corners)
Harrison, with the Saints getting Rob Ryan & switching to a 3-4 Harrison would be perfect for that scheme.
Dwight Freeny, 2 words pass rush… That’s the Saints biggest issue

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3 Responses to “Who Do You Think The Saints Will Get During Fa?”

  1. idk says:

    Saints can’t sign anyone because they are over the cap limit , :/

  2. Colorado Jack says:

    Who knows

  3. Tony says:

    Revis wants way too much money for the Saints to be able to fit him under the cap, but Asomogha (or however its spelled) might be a little cheaper. He’s had a few down years, but he’s an upgrade for the Saints. I’d like to see them get Mingo in the draft and use him as an OLB. Maybe sign a nose tackle in free agency.

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