Who does the best mobile phone deal?


at the moment I’m on Tesco Mobile, and the only deal they do is a "we’ll triple your credit" thing, so, if I top up £10 I’ll get the £10, plus £20 "free" credit to use within the month. Problem is, the texts cost like, 12p each, and I think the calls have gone up to 20p per minute, or near that now, so staying with them just for that deal doesn’t seem remotely worth it.

My question is, which mobile tariff should I switch to? I know nothing about mobiles, I don’t know O2 from T-mobile, so if any of you have a really good deal, or know a lot about mobiles, it would be so great if you could help me out!

Oh yeah, also, I don’t really want a contract phone, pay as you go is more my style 🙂

Thank you!

Harriet x

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  1. Francis G says:

    there are now two PAYG, the straight PAYG when you top up and leave it ie no allocation
    Now the SIM only deals whereby it like a contract but NO phone
    BUT, there always a but you have to use it within 1 month
    providing you have an unlocked phone in order to chase the bargains there are only THREE I can recommend again you may have to commit to a 12 month deal
    3 and Tmobile both offer voice text & www ( I can’t spell internet it appears I can wow)
    GIFF GAFF although no formal 12 month "contract" only last 1 month
    The other sim only deal have a higher starting cost before you get www)
    £10.00 per month for 3 TMobile and Giff Gaff
    BTW 3 has a higher HSDPA download speed than T mobile & giff gaff

  2. Jarred says:

    Ermmm, I dont know what £ <- those are but i think Virgin Mobile is the best. Thats what I have and It works very well. Lol! Good luck!!
    My dad raves about Net10 if you want to look into that too 😀

  3. slyfox69 says:

    Hi Harriet 1 of the best pay as you go tariffs around at the moment is a company called giffgaff you have to go on the website to have a look but for £10 every 30 days you get free calls to other giff gaff users you also get 250 mins to any mobile network or landline you also get unlimited texts & unlimited internet & when it says unlimited there is NO limit ! giffgaff is run off the o2 network but the reason you get a good deal is because theres no salesmen or shops so it makes things easier everything is done through the site even if you have problems just goto the forum & your question will be answered all you need is either an unlocked phone or an o2 phone order a sim of the internet pop it in your phone top it up & away you go ! i promise you there is no catch with this network as im on the network myself i always get a good reception & the internet is just so fantastic ive never had any problems at all … hope this helps .. sly p.s if you need any help just message me

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