who does the council right to buy discount belong too?

Dan is married to Paula. Paula was rehouse by the council and Dan moved in with her, she decides to buy her flat and received the discount as the legal tenant. Dan is not a legal tenant and could not become one and has never paid any rent. On separation who does the discount belong too?

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One Response to “who does the council right to buy discount belong too?”

  1. Cari says:

    ??? this couldn’t happen …

    … you state that Dan could not become a legal tenant. Well actually, if they were really married (rather than just living together) then he would have been able to become a legal tenant. He would not have need to have paid any rent, as the flat would have been considered to be matrimonial property and each party would have equal right to it.

    Assuming there were no children involved, then they are each equally entitled to the discount. The sensible thing for them to do would be to purchase the home, then to sell it and split the profits.

    If there were children involved then it would be different, as the partner who would be having the children live with them would probably get the priority.

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