Who is actually giving the best deal on broadband and phone bundle in th uk?

I keep reading of BT offering this deal n Sky offering that deal, Vrgin offering blah de blah de blah.
Which is actually offering the best deal for the customer.
I dont need TV as I get free view etc

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5 Responses to “Who is actually giving the best deal on broadband and phone bundle in th uk?”

  1. Richard A says:

    Compare UK broadband deals

    Enter your postcode or phone number to check broadband availability for your home.

    click the link below….

  2. perfecto2002 says:

    They are all as bad as each other. Just go with whatever deal suits you best. We get screwed so bad in this country with broadband and tv its a joke.

  3. Jimmy says:

    Check a review site.

  4. JOHN G says:

    They are all around the same when you add line rental, if you want the fastest broadband then its cable most are around £28 to £30 per month.

  5. Andi says:

    define best..
    if you want large downloads then you need one of the more expensive ones
    if you want high speed, it depends largely on where you are from the exchange
    Talk Talk or Sky is as good as another.
    if you make a lot of international calls, BT would be better as you can access the cheaper call services easier. Also if you make a few but not a lot of local calls in the day, BT let you access 18185.co.uk (0p/min ANY length of call ANY time of day) services, the others do not without charging you a local call first.

    Virgin are the exception, because they use a local cable, and it does not matter where you are from the exchange.. it is more or less constant. and offer speeds upto 50Mb/s if you are happy to pay and they are in your area with cable. (they also offer standard BT line service, in which case it is no better than the rest)

    BT are rolling out their Fiber to the Cabinet in the street (FTTC) but it is comming slowly, and will cost 10 pounds a month more, but you get upto 20-30 Mb/s even if you are a long way from the exchange. Probably 2014/2015 till most places get it.

    So go with the best value for the calls you make, things you want to add.
    TalkTalk and BT offering 9.50/10 pound line rental (13.80) if you pay a year in advance… (i.e. 12 months for the price of 8-9 months) and TalkTalk halfprice features (3.25 not 6.50 for broadband) others will no doubt match these offers.

    Sky would be a good option if you also take Sky TV – a better combined bundle price

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