Who is entitled to apply for GOS3 voucher?

I would like more info and need to know if im entitled for the GOS3 voucher. I know its to get a discount for prescription glasses ,but who can apply .

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One Response to “Who is entitled to apply for GOS3 voucher?”

  1. Baby says:

    A GOS 3 voucher will be issued by your optician to you when you have an eye test under the NHS. There are a few instances when this can be issued. These are:
    – if you are under 16
    – you are 16, 17 or 18 and still in fulltime education
    – jobseekers, income support, working family tax credit, pension guarantee credit
    – named on a valid HC2 form
    – registered partially sighted or blind
    – complex prescription (i.e. greater than 10)

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