who is taking the no claim discount from the insurance Company when you get accident?

i had incident last time and was not my fault but my insurance Company want to close my case as it is my fault and told me as i am losing my no claim discount , now i want to complain about this
the insurance Company accepts independent witness but that witness was not there at all and everything is made up .

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2 Responses to “who is taking the no claim discount from the insurance Company when you get accident?”

  1. Timbo is here says:

    There is nowhere to complain to about this. The NCD is totally in the gift of and at the discretion of the insurer and if they say no you have the option to use a different insurer.

  2. Neil B says:

    Your question isn’t the best written I’ve seen (nor the worst!), but it seems that you were in an accident and your insurance company is counting it as your fault (when you say it wasn’t) and are taking away your no claims bonus.

    Unfortunately, the only thing you can do is call and write to your insurance company telling them that this "witness" wasn’t actually there and making your complaint, then hoping they follow it up. If you get no luck with that then you can also get the police involved (insurance fraud is a crime).

    At the end of the day though, your insurance company’s decision is final, and there’s no point looking elsewhere because they’ll ask your previous insurance company for proof of no claims bonus, which of course they’ll say you don’t have!

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