Who Is The Mirror Supplier For Budget Trucks?

Does anyone know who the supplier of the mirrors used on the budget box trucks? I have purchased a used 2004 truck from them 2 years ago and i called gmc to see if they could sell me the mirror. But it turns out that these savannah 3500 were sold to budget without mirrors and they were converted into boxed trucks for budget rent a car. I have looked at numerous websites that sell towing mirrors and the one used on this truck is no where to be found. I need the one from the passenger side since someone stole this mirror from my vehicle. I already called the used truck sales phone number and left a message but i have not received a response.

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One Response to “Who Is The Mirror Supplier For Budget Trucks?”

  1. J J says:

    Look in your area for a truck parts supplier they have them I believe they are called west coast mirrors. The parts supplier will have catalogs also.

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