Who Other Then The Club You Support Do You Think Can Win The 2013 Afl Premiership?

Bit early hear but these are the clubs I think can win the flag this year other then the Hawks
1. Swans Back to Back ?
2. Magpies I have a feeling they will be better this season
3. Eagles I really hope not because I just cant stand them they think they are goody goody’s by the way they act & Perth media goes on and on about them
4. Cats Never discount the Cats
Their are the clubs other then my own I think can win this years flag have your say

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3 Responses to “Who Other Then The Club You Support Do You Think Can Win The 2013 Afl Premiership?”

  1. Romper Stomper says:

    I think you’ve answered your own Question Klose.
    I can’t see many if any people saying any other team that isn’t on your list, maybe you should of just asked the question and let people give you their answers, as I said you have done that for them.
    They are the only teams that can win the flag in my opinion too.
    Edit- Shifty, yeah forgot about the Crows mate, they might have a chance too, but come on mate, Not my Tigers, we’re still at least 3 years away from being a serious contender, got to make the finals for a few consecutive years before we can be considered a threat.

  2. shifty says:

    The Hawks are starting to get an ageing list now because of the way they have recruited over the past 3 years. there is a big chance that they will lose Buddy Franklin by way of free agency at seasons end. so what does all this mean? if the Hawks don’t win the flag this season. it could be some time before they have a chance to do so again.
    My other tips apart from my own club. WCE, Crows, Tigers.

  3. Dumbbut says:

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