Who Really Works At The Orlando Housing Authority?

My portability request was denied. I want to move to Broward County but OHA says BCHA’s payment standard for a 1 BR voucher is higher than a 1 BR standard for the OHA.
The 1 BR payment standard for the BCHA is more than OHA’s budget will support at this time.
If the BCHA would agree to absorb my voucher into their allocation, OHA would be able to consider approving my port request.
The letter I received from Rhonda Y. Pierce HCV Director says to contact Ms. L. Williams, Eligibility Specialist for further discussion/action on this matter.
I have left 2 messages in her voice mail and 1 message with the receptionist within the past 7 days and she has not returned my calls.
I have had trouble with these Housing Authorities before.
They don’t care if you are homeless when it comes time for you to vacate your old apartment and have nowhere to live thanks to them dragging their feet!
Does anyone know what I can do to speed up this process?
Who should I complain to?

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One Response to “Who Really Works At The Orlando Housing Authority?”

  1. OTTAWA FAN says:

    This is a classic case of big government unable to fulfill the lofty promises big government frequently makes. You are expecting government to do something it simply can’t do. First, governmment is not capable of providing for the personal needs of the people. What you are witnessing is the logical conclusion of the absolute capabilities of a government organization. This is why several people favour a system which benefits business. The more business grows, the more people it can hire, and the less people would rely on these fools who are ignoring your pleas for help. They’re not exactly ignoring you, they just simply can’t help. To admit this would be to admit that a wasteful, large and expensive government just isn’t effective. You asked “who reaally works there?” The answer is: nobody “works” there. They occupy a desk and collect a paycheck which comes from taxpayer money. When some people with some business and efficiency sense finally come to power, either-hopefully-from within your country, or whether the Chinese finally call their loans and take control (SCARY!), you can be sure that this person you’ve been calling will be crying for help, as well.

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