Who Should I Talk To About This Situation?

I bought furnitures from rooms to go and I had the worest experience. The sales person who help me was mean when he gave me papers to sign. I took some time to read and he yelled at me “JUST SIGN” .. i got mad and wanted to cancel my order but he appologize said his wife had an accident today. he is sad and he doesn’t want to loss his job . I let him finish all the papers didnt cancel the order. I told the manager anyway . he just appologized and acted like its ok. I let it go and try to be not mad about it. So today they were suppose to deliver my sofas..since I asked for express delivery there were no excat time i just had to sit home all day and wait for the sofas to be delivered.. I didnt go to work so I could stay home and get my sofas today. later on today I found out that they made a mistake my sofas will be deliver tomorrow which means I have to stay home again n miss work. Their regular delivery is in 3 weeks I dont want to wait that long. I really want to talk to someone higher position than the manager because I know manager wont understand my situation. But I dont know who is in higher position than manager in this kinda sotres? Who should I contact?

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One Response to “Who Should I Talk To About This Situation?”

  1. Steve says:

    Another furniture store, tell the first one they’ve lost a customer, maybe they’ll give you a nice fat discount

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