Who went to the clothes SALES?!?

ok, there was sales everywhere!
so what shops ( clothes) did you go to?
what did you buy?
and what was your biggest bargain of all? (££££!)

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12 Responses to “Who went to the clothes SALES?!?”

  1. D says:

    I tried on a coat before Christmas and the shop assistant told me to wait until the sale I would get it at half price. So I waited and went back a few days ago saved £167.

  2. MiKA<3 says:

    Samz J,

    I didn’t buy much on Boxing Day. I went to Spencer’s and bought a Playboy duffell (its huge!).
    -> From $79.99 to $29.99
    Saved 50bucks (:

    I went to Bluenotes and there was a sale ‘3 for $10’. It was on the cute little shirts (yknow the ones that say ‘Little Miss Crazy’ & ‘Little Miss Naughty’ ? )
    Yeah I bought 4 of those.

    Locay: SQ1


  3. leahleah806 says:

    Ohh i did… I went to hollister and got a long sleeved shirt for $15! It was orinally like $35 and i got a pair of american eagle jeans for $20… areopostale was having HUGE sales on like everything in their store it was pretty insane…

  4. london_girl says:

    hi i went to the harrods sale and got nothing 🙁

  5. FluffyPinkThing says:

    I can’t stand the sales – all scampering over each other to rummage through the jumble! 3 people were taken to hospital at my local Next from passing out – how ridiculous!

  6. happy! says:

    I got a $40 hoodie from Aeropostale for $15 dollars. That deal totally made my day!

  7. Starbabbie says:

    I went to sterling and bought two pairs of converse for $89, it was buy 1 get the other pair 40% off
    Then i went to Off he Wall and bought a shirt i saved more then 50%, That was propally my best bargain of all. Hope this helped

  8. yf/b.™ says:

    old navy,

    biggest bargain:
    saving $57 on a $50 purchase.

    bought dancewear,
    jeans, bag, gloves,

  9. Emma :) says:

    Well ive bought tons in the sales,
    2 pairs of river island jeans, a dress top thing from river island, 3 tops from topshop, a mckenzie bag & scarf from jd, a purse from accesorize, a cardigan from republic and some hair stuff from boots 🙂
    theres probably more stuff too but i cant think of it lol but my best buy was my mckenzie scarf from jd which was £5 reduced from £20

  10. Alf. E. Newman says:

    im ready to go shopping but have got the flu ! very frustrating ..

  11. A&B says:

    i went all over the place ! i got a bunch of clothes from ae and aeropostale but i got some sweatshirts at aero for $15 then a shirt from ae that was $10

  12. Christina K says:

    I have to report that like fluffypinkthing my daughter and I went to the sales today and both got utterly fed up with trawling through a complete jumble (rummage) sale of stuff thrown all over the place and mostly on the floor. If you did see anything you liked they didn’t have it in our sizes and in the end we just gave up and came home. Maybe I am just feeling a bit off today!

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