Who’s Better Out Of Mohammed Ali And Mike Tyson?

It seems that the younger generation back Tyson more, but the older generation back Ali, why?
Surely Tyson would kill him, like common he was a complete monster!

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  1. RuddiGer says:

    One misconception of Tyson was that he was a brawler, nothing could be further from the truth. Tyson was a boxer through and through, he was just a different style of boxer, and aggressive inside fighter who can box. People seem to be under the impression that Tyson just went in all haywire and threw in the wind hoping to land a punch. Fact is Tyson used a lightning fast jab and super fast head movement and foot work to get inside, he would work the body until a fighter dropped his hands then go up stairs and down with 8 and 9 punch combos all the while dodging incoming fire. Tyson did not waste many punches when he through he landed.
    [ one thing people dont realize is that Kevin Rooney would call out code words from the corner, A4, B3, C2, and to Tyson that represented an opening on his opponent that Rooney could see from the outside that Tyson might normally miss. As a team they were almost unbeatable]
    Tyson and Ali would have similar speed in different areas, Tysons punches should be slightly faster I think, but Ali’s reflexes would be superior to Tysons. On paper Tyson should destroy Ali, but so should have Foreman.
    What Ali had over Tyson is grit, you can believe that Ali would have studied Tyson, he also would have been fast enough to measure Tyson with his jab and catch Tyson with straits, overhand rights and uppercuts coming in. Ali could handle whatever Tyson dished out to the body and would make Tyson miss most punches up stairs, tieing Tyson up on the inside pushing him off, walking him around and frustrating Tyson. Back in Tysons day after about 5 rounds he became just a good inside fighter with good speed but the Tasmanian devil rushes and bob n weaves would be less frequent, Ai would have an easier time keeping Tyson on the outside. If Ali can steal a round or two in the first half he should be able to win almost every round in the second half and take a close decision.
    Muhammad Ali By Decision
    Whos better though? as far as accomplishments and Longevity Muhammad Ali no question.
    I find people either discount Tyson completely or way over estimate him. At his best he was a great boxer puncher with the potential to be the best of all time, at his worst he was a sideshow, a man who hated boxing and was beating stiffs for paydays and giving the crowd what they wanted.
    The problem with rating Tysons, and putting him against Ali is that the only version of Tyson that would even have a chance at Ali was 87-88 Mike Tyson, 85-86 Tyson was to green and young, 89 + Tyson didnt have Kevin Rooney anymore and was not dedicated to the sport. So the only Tyson that had a shot was the prime Tyson of 87-88 who still was taken the distance by C level fighters with some height, Tucker and Smith, I have to think if at his absolute best Tucker and Smith could survive 12 rounds, Ali would have enough to win over 12 rounds.

  2. Boxing says:

    Muhammad Ali was and outside fighter, Mike Tyson was an inside fighter. Its like rock,paper, scissors. Brawler defeatds an inside fighter,outside fighter defeats an brawler and inside fighter defeats an outside fighter. Only in Mike case when Mike defeated them all(in his prime) brawlers,inside fighters and outside fighters.Mike was an inside fighter in general also a hybrid fighter(hybrid beetwen three styles) but could adjust to other tactics, Muhammad Ali was an outside fighter and only an outside fighter, because of his speed,good chin and stamina but could not be an inside fighter or a brawler. Like in the case of Mike Tyson vs Michael Spinks when Michael Spinks tried to stay on the outside Tyson knocked him out in the 1st round, altough Spinks was in age and Ali was a lot better fighter. It is true that Ali defeated Frazier who was an inside fighter but Mike was an hyrid fighter. Mike had a strong, very strong chin and his only weakness was stamina. If Muhammad Ali dragged the fight to the at least 8 or 9 round Mike would be cooked. But i don’t think that would be the case. Ali would try to jab him in the first rounds from the distance but soon Tyson would cut his way to Ali and knock him in the 6th round believe me.
    Most people would say that Ali would win but that would not be the case. People prefer older fighters like in football when they prefer Pele over Maradona.

  3. Sophie says:

    Ali would win by knockout no doubt about it. Muhammad Ali has one of the best chins boxing has ever seen. This fight would be a lot like the ali vs liston fight because tyson essentially is a bully he likes to intimidate you. Whenever tyson fought somebody who was not intimidated by him he struggled tyson would find it very hard to close the distance on ali because ali has a longer jab and if tyson managed to get inside ali would tie him up. I do not think this fight would even be close i think ali would win in the same way he won against liston

  4. Rick M says:

    Mike Tyson is (was) a hitter, not a boxer. Ali was a boxer. Boxers (the good ones) will always win.

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