WHSmith Gift Voucher?

So I recieved a £10 WHSmith Gift Voucher, I wanted to buy a book which cost’s £10.49, so can I use my voucher to buy the book, but as it is 49p more, can I give the person 49p, since my voucher is only £10.

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3 Responses to “WHSmith Gift Voucher?”

  1. VeeBee says:

    Yes. Just hand over the voucher and the rest in cash and that book will be yours. No worries.

  2. Beth says:

    Yes, it will just take the amount off your order 🙂 Just pay them the 49p and it will be fine!

  3. Pwincess H says:

    Of course you can, the voucher is £10 so you are entitled to spend up to £10 on that voucher if the item costs over this then you’ll have to pay the extra.

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