Why Am I Acting This Way At 23?

i have been diagnosed with anxiety and i freak out about everything, test where i get A’s, hw where i get straight A’s cleaning, everything, most recently ive been freaking out about a doctors apt. i had where the test results havent been given to me yet. im worried that i have cancer or any other problem and now its running into my relationship. is this normal to freak out about unanswered doc. questions thinking i have cancer? or is it too much?

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  1. Mismobis says:

    Health Anxiety is a common symptom associated with stress, sometimes traumatic events that were not controllable and may well be in the past have an effect on us at a later time — and by focusing on potential medical problems it can be a way in which we are trying to place this unexpressed distress somewhere else without realising it.
    Although a person with the absolute conviction they have cancer, (for example) could have every test available and be told they most certainly do not have it by a specialist (who wouldn’t risk a lawsuit getting it wrong) — a person with health anxiety may then move on to another illness.
    It appears to fall into the same category or spectrum as OCD.
    So as I understand it people who have OCD may be more likely to have health anxiety
    It’s important to know that you are not alone ,there are many people who have this problem and are too ashamed to mention it to anyone for fear of ridicule,and I notice you mention you are 23 – this problem can occur at any age! There is support and help available.
    If you can identify events that occurred prior to you becoming a perfectionist and worrying about serious illness and eventually make a link between things that were not in your control,but that hurt and upset you immensely — it may be a good time to look into some research on the problem.
    The way I try to explain this issue is sometimes by asking a person if they know why people with eating disorders like anorexia count every calorie and have a distorted view of thier bodies, and I usually get the answer — “It’s a form of control”. I then would explain that if a person had unresolved emotional pain that they feel is inexpressible and went on to look at the possible illnesses anyone can get,study them and imagine these to be something they may have — are they not trying to tell the world they are in pain but in a roundabout way?
    After all a physical illness is often more understood in society than having to relive a complex emotional past and also how does one know who to trust with sensitive feelings and memories — it’s simpler for others to understand someone is physically unwell or grasp the concept of an illness.
    The reaction of support toward someone who is physically unwell is often practical and emotional support,so in some ways it is easy to understand why someone may somewhere along the line confuse illness with sadness or distress
    What you are experiencing is likely normal for you based on what you sometimes feel like inside.
    I know of an organisation that have information on this should you wish to take a
    They are a charity and not a business where people have to pay to contact.
    They do have a book available – I think it’s called overcoming health anxiety
    it’s also available through amazon > http://www.amazon.co.uk
    (available on kindle)
    I hope this offers you some reassurance and hope and I wish you all the best.

  2. Billy says:

    I like to answer any question when it comes to anxiety because I know exactly how you feel. Even Valium and anti-depressants aren’t helping me at all anymore, it’s agony. Anxiety isn’t exactly “normal” at any age, and it’s usually caused by absolutely nothing from what I’ve gathered, besides an excess of adrenalin for no reason and thinking yourself into depression. Your anxiety is just making you paranoid. Sometimes these tests take time, blood work can take a long time especially. The reason I think it takes so long is because when they do so many tests and nothing is wrong, they think of whatever else could be causing the problems then test for those things. I’m sure you’re fine and it’s nothing to worry about. I’m 23 as well and I feel for you, trust me, I’ve been in similar situations far too many times. Best of luck, feel better. 🙂

  3. abc says:

    You may have OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder since you have to score perfectly on everything and you seem to have an infatuation with cleaning. As for the cancer fear, you may be a hypochondriac. You just need to relax and see a doctor. If getting a physical will calm you down, go for it. Make sure that your concerns are rational, though, and not just a bunch of baloney. Don’t say you think you have cancer if you have been feeling completely healthy, besides the anxiety thing, because that is not rational.

  4. Sarah says:

    I have horrible anxiety and I think Im a hypochondriac. I know how you feel complete, but try to calm yourself and stop thinking about it. Your thinking the worst and it probably isn’t anything. It is all in your head. I tell myself that and it helps alot. Relax i am sure everything is fine.

  5. Steven m Johnson says:

    It is too much, you are doing more than worring too much about something that may not be anything to worry about. You are working yourself into getting sick. Stop it now. Live a long, healthy life and don’t worry about things before you have to.

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