Why Am I So Jealous That Kobe Makes $50 Million A Year?

from his NBA contract plus endorsement deals, lives in a ginormous house and has a few others, is married to a gold-digger, and is tall. Why can’t I just be happy for him like all the Lakers fans that love him more than the entire Lakers organization? He even has a cooler death stare than me too. Why can’t I have a cool death stare?
BQ: Does the Kobe system come with a discount double check?

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6 Responses to “Why Am I So Jealous That Kobe Makes $50 Million A Year?”

  1. Kishay says:

    You just are an aspiring basketball player…being that you choose to be jealous of Kobe out of all the regular celebs or other basketball players. So basically of you ever ended up being a Professional Basket Ball player,you want your career to mirror his.

  2. We Will. Miami Heat Fan says:

    Because you’re not Kobe Bryant.
    You’re a nobody.

  3. camalexi says:

    hater hater hater

  4. James says:

    Are you afflicted with liberalism? That would explain your envy of success…

  5. Richard says:

    Because you look like a fool with those pants on the ground.

  6. Albatron says:

    cuz ur a bum

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