why are Marks & Spencer vouchers always offered?

Why is it, if you ever sign up to company that offers a gift for joining, its always a marks and spencer voucher? I mean its always the case. Are M&S really that desperate for someone to walk through their doors that they have to give these vouchers away?
Could it not be something more useful like a Tesco or Argos voucher, something which at least 50% of the population could get some use out of!

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2 Responses to “why are Marks & Spencer vouchers always offered?”

  1. Steve B says:

    The company offering the ‘gift’ have to BUY the vouchers 🙂
    [if you think M&S (& Tesco etc) ‘give them away’ you really don’t know much about business 🙂 🙂 ]

    It’s a question of ‘margins’ and ‘perceived worth’

    Consider Tesco .. they are lucky to make 10% margin (more on some items, less on others) ..
    This means they can sell Vouchers with a ‘face value’ of £11 for £10 and not take a loss .. if they can get MORE than £10 for the voucher, so much the better … the ‘customer’ gets a voucher for £11 and is ‘happy’

    Now take M&S – their margin is likley to be closer to 30% … SO, if you pay M&S £10 for a voucher what do you think it’s ‘value’ will be ?

    Yep == about £13 …

    Now see it from the ‘customers’ point of view .. what do YOU think is ‘better value’ ???

    A £11 Voucher for Tesco or a £13 Voucher for M&S ???

  2. Fairdo4all says:

    I am not sure just what your criticism is here. M&S carry better quality goods than the 2 stores you name and with a food section, house wares and clothing a voucher for M&S should be of use to most people.

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