Why Are Most Black Customers Bad Tippers?

I’m not saying all of the black community are bad tippers. I’m talking about the customers in my work. I work as a waiter in a Mexican restaurant. Usually they are very demanding, and always trying to see if they can get a discount if you make a small mistake, like forgetting to bring lemons or napkins. They always ask for split checks, and get mad at me when I tell them we can’t do it , because is our policy. We also have to hold on to a credit card or id to prevent walk outs. Many of us have gotten walk outs, and 95% of those customers were black. Old people are bad tippers, but i can understand and they are very nice. Caucasian customers usually leave good tips, around 5% don’t leave good tips. I would say that 70% of black people leave no tip or pennies, when We are serving them. I’m a caring waiter, I been working there for 2 years, and I know how the system works. We always try to please them, but sometimes it’s impossible, because they get bothered for any small mistake we make, like we bring them their food, and they go like that’s not what i ask for, i check the ticket, and it is the food. They go I don’t want it, put it back. They are very demanding, and bad tippers. Not all black people thought, just the majority in the restaurant that I work. DO YOU GUYS IN THE FOOD INDUSTRY THINK THE SAME?.

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4 Responses to “Why Are Most Black Customers Bad Tippers?”

  1. Abe says:

    I am very familiar with that stereo type, I used to be a regular at the hooters in Chicago and that’s what the girls would tell me about the ghetto customers at night time, everything you just described is what would go on with them, you would think that a hooters girl would make good money, but not at the one in downtown Chicago, because at night time its all blacks that are just like you described eating chicken wings, being very demanding and rude, no tips, dining and dashing.

  2. Laurence says:

    Maybe those individual black people were poor?
    The tipping system is stupid in my opinion anyway.

  3. Time says:

    I’ve heard of this stereotype before.I use to work at TGIF as a host and many of the servers would tell me the exact say thing thought I never experienced it myself.

  4. Madeleine Åsgård says:

    Because they are often poor or their welfare checks can’t cover everything.

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