Why are paintball vouchers so cheap?

I’ve found paintball vouchers on ebay and elsewhere at silly prices – between 8 to 20 pounds for a dozen or more people. OK, you have to add the price of the paitnballs, but it still seems a very good deal compared with the prices quoted on the websites of paintball organisers, which are around a couple of hundred pounds.
Is there a catch? What is it? Thanks

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3 Responses to “Why are paintball vouchers so cheap?”

  1. Boltrig says:

    The price of the voucher is basically to suck you in. The site rules state that even verteran players are not allowed to bring any ammunition onto the site.

    Delta force sell paintballs at £6 for 100. This will last you around 5 – 10 minutes if you conserve your ammo. This is the main source of income.

    Add to this the fact that most sites are situated far from any shops or amenities and you have £1 for a can of juice and 50p for a mars bar.

    Captive market!

  2. achrimsdale says:

    the main catch is the conditions, read the small print, no the very small print, then you will see that you are basically paying an entrance fee, everything, but everything else is a really expensive add on.


  3. paul m says:

    paintball sites generally rely on a lot of people turning up and spending lots on paint etc. So if a group of 50 turn up and each spends £50 on paint thats £2500 alone. add a few grenades, drinks and a few trigger happy rambo types it all adds up.

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