Why are there no discount railcards for adults over 25 without kids?

I feel travelling by train costs you an arm and a leg in Britain. Now there are some railcards you can buy to get a discount ( http://www.railcard.co.uk/ )
but only for people who are under 25, elderly, disabled people or adults with kids.

I think it’s discrimination that everyone has been taken to account but low earners who don’t have kids and are older than 25.

Is there an alternative?

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6 Responses to “Why are there no discount railcards for adults over 25 without kids?”

  1. younosygit says:

    It is rather unfair, but 26-60 is supposed to be people’s peak earning time, so they should be able to afford it (!).

    In Switzerland anyone can buy a half-fare card, and indeed the Swiss Railways website assumes that everybody’s got one when it quotes the fare for a journey, so only foreigners pay full fare (though even they can buy a monthly half-fare card though it costs around £100).

  2. hiddenmyname says:

    The network railcard doesnt require you to be old, disabled or have children, but you do need to be in London or the South-East.

  3. Plodding along says:

    I know its silly that low earners are not taken in to consideration. Espeshially when people on benefits get discount no matter what age they are.
    Lol @hidden my name – the question is why are there no DISCOUNT railcards for over 25’s not who is eligible for a railcard. Of course everyone is silly.

  4. peanut 2 says:

    Because if they discount it for everyone…no one is discounted. That make sense?

    They discount it for teenagers/students because they are on low incomes.
    They discount it for elderly as they are living on pensions/savings which isnt much
    They discount it for disabled people as they cant work at all or as much

    A person over 25 is generally settled into their full time job. And are in the best position to be charged more.

    They dont discount you if you have children. The children ride free until the age of 11, and then when they are 13 they get the free kids oyster card thing.

  5. cymru am byth says:

    if they did there would be no point of the railcards – they might as well just reduce prices by 1/3

  6. David S says:

    Rail fares are not necessarily expensive if you search the rail company websites. Two very low fare examples that use regularly are, and they don’t have to be booked very far in advance:
    London Marylebone to Birmingham on Chiltern Railways for £5 http://www.chilternrailways.co.uk
    London Victoria to Brighton for £4.50 http://www.southernrailway.com
    On Southern, South Eastern, South West Trains, Greater Anglia, First Capital Connect, London Midland you can get Group Save tickets where 3 or 4 adults travel for the price of 2 (except during weekday morning rush hours)
    If you live in South East England or London you can buy a Network Card that gives you a 34% discount (minimum fare £13 on weekdays), regardless of your age of whether you have kids. It is
    valid on routes radiating from London out as far as Cambridge/Kings Lynn, the whole of the South Coast, Weymouth, Exeter (the route from Waterloo only) etc

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