Why Cant I Redeem My Ps3 Vouchers? Please Help?

ok, since i live in argentina my dad bought me 60$ (canadian) worth of psn money on 3 vouchers. Now the damn problem is that whenerver i try to claim them, an error message pops up. Now i know theres nothing wrong with the cards cause before the error pops up, a message actually says how much would go into my wallet. same thing happens when i try to enter them online. i reset the original setting, i created a new canadian account, nothing. now, i’ve input canadian codes before and they all worked. is there a possibility that psn now only allows canadian money in the same region? (if so, itd have to be a fairly recent ruling) if thats not the case, what the flying f*ck is going on? 60$ is a lot of money, and i cant really return them now. im sorry, im really pissed. If any of you guys have any suggestions, id highly appreciate them. i really need to get some new dlc myself soon. thanks a lot!

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One Response to “Why Cant I Redeem My Ps3 Vouchers? Please Help?”

  1. NA says:

    You are probably right, there are specific regions for PSN $ cards. Like you said, its probably impossible to return them,however, I will certainly give you some ideas. You said you live in Argentina and you have a Canadian acc?Or you used to live there?Because if you used to live in Canada, what you could do is if yu have a friend that lives there(that you actually know),tell him to give you a 50$ and a 10$ psn and you could give him the codes that you cant use. See what I mean. Switch the region codes w/someone you know. OR put them on ebay or something because they are still valuable. I am really trying. If you need more advice PSN PACK-A-PUNCHGUY Im on 7 days a week.

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