why cant i sign in to ebay.co.uk ?

benn trying to sign in to ebay since friday and have had no luck am i the only one thats got this problem? i cant even get on tp the help page on their iver to find out whats going on
i did put an add on the want it now i got mail from some one that siad thay had what i wanted that gave me a link so i clicked on it and abay has not worked since

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3 Responses to “why cant i sign in to ebay.co.uk ?”

  1. Steve B says:

    You clicked on a link in an eMail and LOGGED-IN ????

    You must be mad .. someone has now got your log-in details and changed your password .. PANIC now .. contact eBay to stop any FRAUD being committed in your name .. (I bet right now hundreds of ‘cheap’ laptops being ‘sold’ in your name .. and maybe you are ‘bidding’ thousand’s on fake mobile phone auctions .. )

    Look up ‘phishing’ … and wave your feedback rating goodbye ..


  2. gemini295 says:

    Just signed into mine and its ok. EDIT>> it must have been something to do with the link,, probably dodgy, it could even have wiped your details/closed your account, heres Ebays customer support number 020 8080 2105 ( sunday 11am to 5pm), ring and tell them whats happened.

  3. Jamie W says:

    cause there crap

    ebay are rubbish anyway

    i use Best-Bid UK

    Its an auction used by people from all over the world.
    ive made loads of money so far.

    and they don’t suspend you like ebay do. and also everyone i dont know if you have heard but ebay are susending users randomly, and they say you can apply for your account to be reinstated but when you contact them they dont answer emails and they wont reinstate your account so dont waste the paper.


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