Why Choose a Wool Rug?

With so much fiber options on the market, why should I choose for my wool flooring or carpet? While it is true that many of synthetic yarn fibers that will suffice for your home design needs, the reason is somewhat obvious if you keep in mind that all man-made fibers are basically “Plastic” and that means they not as environmentally friendly as wool. Wool is a 100 percent natural fiber that is made from the fleece of sheep. Most good quality wool used to make carpets in the Far East and the Middle East are now imported from New Zealand. If you care about such things, Australian wool has a bad reputation for quite some time now had for their shaving techniques and doing deliberate harm to the animal. I will not go into graphic detail for this article if I just make a comparison of wool vs. man-made products. So the first positive wool carpet choice is that it is a natural and environmentally friendly fibers.

When wool and other natural fibers we also find a number of clear advantages. Cotton rugs fined for low traffic areas, which are not susceptible to stains. Cotton resist stains the way wool does (more on this in a moment), and tends to pack down or flat in high traffic areas. Some types of cotton rugs are handy though. If you’re a small, low, tight cotton pile carpet without a second back on, it may just be washed in the washing machine. Or dry washed by hand and pinned to the clothesline. But for larger rugs this is not exactly practical.

Wool is the king of natural fibers when it comes to stains. The natural oils in the coat itself naturally repel stains. That does not mean that is dirt-repellent, no fiber is dirt. However, it is more resistant to stains than other natural fibers and this by the naturals oils such as lanolin, cholesterin and keratin. Lanolin and cholesterin help naturally repel stains to the fibers of the carpet and keratin is the natural preen oil found in bird feathers that keep them dry when it rains and also inhibit the growth of microbes and fungi. Still, some people are allergic to wool, so if you have found this to be true of be yourself, would a woolen carpet, obviously not the best product for you.

Wool is also highly resistant to breakage or flattening. That makes it a great blanket for use in high traffic areas in your home. Most cheap rugs are made of synthetic fibers such as polyester or olefin and will crush these rugs down in just a short time. The most popular for bathrooms is the fuzzy blanket, polyester blanket with a latex backing. This particular rug is a crime against nature. They do not last long, they are horrible to try to vacuum (if you get down on the floor and pick out the dirt and lint from your carpet with tweezers … Well, most of you know what I say) . You get no benefit if you constantly have to buy new cheap carpets to the contrite ones you’ve already replaced. Then we have to contend with the latex backing that (some will say) was designed with your safety in mind, to not slip the carpet in a humid environment. But there is a trade-off. This same latex does not allow the floor to breathe under the carpet. I have many, many expensive flooring ruined because someone a cheap latex-backed carpet on top of them seen. This is the same garment that they thought would help save the expensive floor. Spend a little extra to get a wool rug with a standard back or no support at all and you’ll have a carpet that holds its shape and looks good for a longer period of time.

So there you have my opinion about why wool is better. It is, of course. It resists stains. And will

down to the traffic of a busy household much better than most other fiber choices for a long time.

Source by Charles Beason

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