Why Companies Buy Consulting Services, Especially The Big Ones ?

The reason I ask this question is because, I work for a consulting firm & would like to understand the reason behind companies going for Business Advisory Consulting Services. I mean, can’t the big companies hire new people in their teams to achieve whatever targets they want to achieve. For example, a normal consulting engagement costs around $100,000 (US), and all these consulting firms use their people in India/ other low cost countries’ employees for number crunching & then one of their consultant from US/EU office will build a story line around the numbers and present it to clients’ leadership. Can’t the clients see the fact that they can hire these FTEs from low cost countries & have them crunch numbers for the whole year with the same cost & they can hire one or two guys at their corporate office who can act as internal advisers. Further more, they can use these newly hired FTEs to do some other projects too. I mean overall the cost for hiring a team of 4 interns & a manager in India would be some where around $30,000 (US) & on top of them if they hire a fresh graduate from some good B-school they can still manage their budget for the entire project well within $100,000. Can’t they ?
I want to look at different perspective of people about this question that could help me understand the Executives thought process & then help me make my own sales flow.
My above question is applicable to Business Transformation Consulting Services, where in the consultant just goes in, checks the processes out & then build a new process flow chart and then pitch in for their our technology implementation services, which is again further cost to the clients.

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