Why Did Duty Fee Cost Almost Half My Order!?

I bought 5 items (Clothing) off of karmaloop.com and it came out to $127 and i used a promotional code that gave me free shipping and discount off the order. When the packaged finally arrived (Basic DHL shipping) the guy tells me its $64.09 cents cash only. Since when is duty fee almost 50% worth the cost of the order. wtf?!?! It was a 4.98lb package, of just clothing! How is this possible, I complained to karmaloop to see what there gonna do for me because there is no possible way im spending an extra 60$ just for shipping and handling? It feels like a scam at this point

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One Response to “Why Did Duty Fee Cost Almost Half My Order!?”

  1. Denis says:

    Because “free shipping code and discounts” does not apply to international shipping.
    I know it sucks it happened to me, since then i use my friend REPCODE: FAIRMONT.
    I save a lot of money using it, last time order was 400$ saved up to 90$

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