Why did those sales people at the electrical shop Dixon's laugh at me?

I went in there with the intention of updating the manor with some futuristic gadgets. I told the sales staff I wanted the works a DVDotron, an Ipodotron, a computerotron and a bag of internet to feed it, they were positively laughing in my face. One of the staff had to leave the sales floor when I ask how much radiation fallout could I expect from a plasma televisionotron. What’s wrong with these people, if they don’t understand technology should they really be working there.

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24 Responses to “Why did those sales people at the electrical shop Dixon's laugh at me?”

  1. The Tank says:

    My Dear Rotter,
    You are absolutely right; hit the nail bang on the head; pushed the pin bang into the hole and spot-on. It always used to be an Urban Myth that one had to fail a special electronics test to get a job at Dixon’s.
    Now that the company have dropped the name Dixon’s it is axiomatic that their staff performance and training is much improved. You have now borne witness to this phenomenon yourself, in person.
    It’s not so much their technical knowlege that’s improved, it’s their ability to laugh at their own ignorance when confronted by true genius that’s improved.

    Well done Sir, by Jove we’ll teach the proletariat not to disfungle the laws of fizziks!!
    More Power to your elbow I say. But not too much or you’ll go blind…..

  2. Bm102938 says:

    Thanks,You just made my day!

  3. sosgez says:

    To be honest, I wouldn’t waste my time with proletarian entertainments. Its Opera every night for me.

  4. D says:

    Here, here Rotter have them sacked and replaced. They don’t make them like they used to.

  5. tinyponyhairs says:

    still looking good, Mr Rotter.
    I fear I’m falling into the age old trap of lovelorne, slightly mentalist stalker.
    Please forgive me, but don’t expect me to stop….

  6. david536259 says:

    There’s your problem – you went to Dixon’s where it is well known that the lower order’s less intelligent offspring idle away the hours as ‘sales assistants’. You would be better served venturing into the home entertainments department of Selfridges or Harrods.

  7. gordon3392 says:

    They told me they only sell,,they dont repair,,,,,

  8. Sir Terrance. says:

    You are indeed correct that the staff of Dixons do not understand technology. If they did, they would be able to get a proper job.

  9. finger lickin` good says:

    it could have been worse,,,

  10. laura m says:

    thats postively ghastly! commoners, tut tut

  11. Sir Marmalade Beauville-Lobe III says:

    Hmm, I faced a similar problem in ‘PC World’ when purchasing my info-web net-o-tron device. The pox-faced oaf who was apparently ‘Here to Help’, but was nothing short of belittling to me. When I asked for a water bottle for the mouse, I was chuckled at by several of the petulant youths. Little of course did they realise what an ammoral fiend I am capable of being. They soon did, of course, when they found themselves being pulled along behind my Bentley for three or four miles.

  12. RX8 MATE says:

    Perhaps if you had sent your manservant instead, he would have been able to communicate with these commoners on their level and you could have spent the rest of the day at the shoot on my estate old chap.

  13. Jimbo says:

    Simply just can’t get the staff nowadays Old boy they didn’t understand the otrons otall.

  14. diane p says:

    Don’t they know the customer is always right rotter, do not frequent that establishment again until the lowly staff learn some manners, that would be my advice.

  15. Naturist Pete says:

    Difficult as Dixons only exist in cyberspace now! How did you go into a non existant shop?

  16. Fox says:

    I think it’s great you escaped but maybe you should think about going back? 😀

  17. drbob2k7 says:

    Understand old boy that these sales people are merely peasants who don’t understand todays technology!

    I mean HONESTLY I bet they told you that you don;t ‘feed’ your computer the internet ? PFFT….

  18. Lala Jay says:

    Oh come on, don’t be paranoid, how did you know they laughed at you? You should have asked them, maybe you would have heard a good joke.

  19. JASON N says:

    Poor Rotter how awfull for you having to mix with the second rate commoners. There’s only one thing for it, buy the entire company and sack those petulant little oinks. Give them lessons on how to behave when in front of the upper classes and on how your terminology makes more sense than their waffle.
    Good luck old chap.

  20. Hotlips4000♥ says:

    Yep,. Dixon’s are a use less bunch of numnuts and are there to pass the time!

    PC World staff are another bunch of idiots,..also!

  21. Lord Percy Fawcette-Smythe. says:

    Shoot the beggars, impudent guttersnipes, they know nothing of modern gadgets, took my crystal set down to that very shop, the earphone things had broken as I was listening to the report on the relief of Mafeking, they had the temerity to call me a silly old duffer, a blow to the side of his head with my walking stick soon brought him back to reality.

  22. The Tenth Duke of Chalfont says:

    I know, I know, it is appalling. The Duchess and I went to our local branch of ‘Jessops’ and asked for a dageurrotype. The sales staff just looked at us blankly.

    Never have we been made to feel quite so awkward by retards.

  23. greybeard says:

    I’m surprised at you, shopping at a High Street store like Dixon’s, why not do as I do and ask Harrods to send round a little man to set all this techno stuff up for you, and put a few "bob" in old Al Faed’s pocket as well! Every little helps, or is that another store?

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