Why Do Bad Guys Have It So Good?

vIf you see my other questions, I have no luck with the ladies:
I am handsome but I have a weight problem, I do diet, I do work out but I still a fat guy, the only thing that’s attractive about me is my face but the rest of my body is disgusting and no girl would ever wanna be with me.
I’m not desperate, I still have plenty of years left to find the right one, I just want a nice girl that I can wake up next to every morning and surprise her with hugs, letters, dinner and tell her how lucky I am to even have her but I feel like it’ll never happen and that I’ll die a very lonely miserable man.
There’s a guy I know who was horrible to me in school, he gets any girl he wants and when I say any girl, I literally mean ANY girl.
He’s dated girls who are not even age inappropiete, some of his exs are like 12 or 15 and he’s the same age as me and I’m nearly 30.
He doesn’t treat women right though, he’ll sleep with them for a bit, stay with them for a few months and he’ll dump them for another girl.
He doesn’t just go for girls either, he even goes for guys, he’s slept with a 14 year old boy and again, he’s nearly 30.
He steal things from people, I’ve caught him pocket picking.
When he’s waiting in line at a store, he’ll pull someone’s wallet out from their trouser pocket and he’ll take some notes out and then put their wallet back or he’ll steal someone’s wallet, take some cash out and give it back to them saying “Oh you dropped your wallet” .
One time there was this event going on to support the community to stay clean & healthy and get checked out for STDs.
Anyone who had a Clymedia test would get a £5.00 voucher to spend a shop, he just did it because he wanted a packet of cigarettes, it was disgusting.
As soon as they gave him the voucher, he went and asked a shop assistant if he could exchange it for cash instead and he went and got a packet of cigarettes and was happily puffing away like he did nothing wrong.
Everyone likes him, they don’t care what he’s done to people, why is he such a God to them?!
He’s even better looking than me and it’s not fair!
He looks exactly like Zac Efron except he has a goatee beard and has really foul body odour (he never cleans his armpits or genitals and doesn’t change his underwear – 1 of his ex-girlfriends told me) .
Despite his pedophilla, he can get any job he wants and I can’t!
He even still lives with his parents but I have my own place.
I don’t get it, I support charities despite my money budget, I really really hate needles but I give blood because I want to help people.
I am allergic to animals but I’ve adopted a lot of rescued/sheltered pets.
I have loads of diplomas, I have my own apartment and I work as a volunteer for an old people’s home.
I saved someone from suicide before and this guy gets so much attention he’s like England’s very own Justin Bieber and I’m like the guy who shovels elephant ****.
Why do bad guys get everything they want?!
I’m slowly becoming an Atheist & misanthropist, I’m starting to lose faith in God and humanity.
The only time I’m ever happy is when I’m asleep because my dreams are better than reality.
I’m so miserable right now I’m even thinking whether or not I should just commit suicide.
I feel like every good thing I’ve done was a complete waste.
I’m sorry everyone on Yahoo for complaining so much, I’m really sorry if this question is too much.

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6 Responses to “Why Do Bad Guys Have It So Good?”

  1. BioThrea says:

    You are too hard on yourself! He’s an a##hole, and it will be heavily noticed when he’s 40, if not already. People will learn to appreciate you incredibly. Perhaps your personality and the way you carry yourself are very different. You sound extremely nice here, but if you walk like a thug (same personality though), or an emo (you kinda sound like one, no offense), people wouldn’t want to associate with you.

  2. Wespe says:

    A side note to start things off:
    You’re becoming an atheist for the wrong reason. Atheists choose not to believe in deities because there is no logical, rational reason to do so. If you’re choosing atheism for emotional reasons, it will probably just be a passing phase.
    All people are attracted to confidence; it’s magnetic. That guy gets everything he wants because he is willing to take it, and he is charming enough to make sure people always like him. Why is this guy even in your life? If knowing him makes you miserable, then stop knowing him. There is nothing you can do about his life, so just work on getting yourself into shape, and work on whatever your goals are. You will meet a girl who is more mature, and values your nurturing qualities. Discovering your own confidence and using your powers for good rather than evil is the fast track to happiness.

  3. Impa says:

    I am a guy. I bought my first thongs from k mart. The joe boxer brand made for men. I hid them away from my parents. Teir are two options, wear dirty thongs or learn how to wash your own and learn to do laundry. I told my mom about it and she said that most high school boys dont wear them and did not know how it is comfortable for a person have something in their crack. I told her that is my body and she accepts it. I also want it because it is supportive and comfortable. And to make them popular at school so i could sah the whale tail. I got them when i was 18

  4. I ❤ Kwanus says:

    Hi George,
    I know exactly who you mean buddy, that asshole has it all and I’m worried he’s going to steal my girlfriend when she moves in with me.
    That jerk has ruined everyone’s life, even mine.
    I hope his dick fall off!!
    @ BioThreat
    George ain’t emo, he listens to hip hop, hahahahahahahah
    George, Rn’B is kinda the same thing bro, they sing about the same stuff only their music’s girlier.
    I can’t believe you listen to that crap, hahahahahahaha
    Dude, relax, take a joke.
    Anyway, e-mail me, I’m bored lol

  5. Not afraid to Offend says:

    Girls like bad boys because of the confidence and power ( albeit superficial) the exude.
    Hint. You don’t have to be bad to posses those qualities.

  6. Anti-Rac says:

    Life is tough.

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