Why Do Black Women Get Upset At Black Men Who Are Ultra Selective About The Black Women We Date?

I personally have only dated the down to earth, quiet, soft spoken, usually natural hair,moderate/stylish dress, nerdy intellectual types. I was talking to a black girl at work, and she says you look like the type that don’t date black women, I think what she meant to say was, you look like the type of black guy that would never date a woman like me, and in that regards she would be correct. Everything I listed as the things I liked about the black women I date, she was the exact opposite. Then she says, well how recently have you dated a black girl, and I”m like, my last relationship was with a black girl. I’ve had nothing but good relationships with black women in general, same as any other race of woman I’ve dated. Why did she assume just because I’m not attracted to black women of her type, that I don’t like black women?

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4 Responses to “Why Do Black Women Get Upset At Black Men Who Are Ultra Selective About The Black Women We Date?”

  1. Sha Sha says:

    The only reason anyone would care who you date is if they wanted to date you themselves but somehow felt discounted. With the right approach, you could make women like that your personal projects and expose the most excellence they were created for.
    I’ve watched my brother do this to girls I thought were hopeless and was embarrassed that he even knew them. He would correct their speech, take them shopping, teach them how to dress, how to walk, who to speak to, who to avoid, and most of all how to respect themselves. He never dated any one of them exclusively nor did he pretend to. Therefore he was free to handle several projects at a time. The results were amazing. Hoochies were clamoring for a “Sadiq makeover”.
    He had a great time and made a significant contribution to his community while doing it. So how about you? Instead of putting them down, why don’t you show them how to stand up…..since you seem to know so much about what positive women are about?

  2. D'jango's Woman says:

    As a black women I could turn this right back on you but I won’t b/c you forgot the qualifier…SOME..I have experienced some thug wanting to be l upon me..hanging on a corner or in the store but wanting to cuss me out when I speak and keep on going…the thing that has me really dismayed that there is apparently an
    internet epidemic of bm denigrating all bw…when was this war declared?

  3. Cheikh Einstein In Training says:

    You could say that about any race of woman. Women in general can be
    very sensitive.

  4. ♥Noelle:The Cosmopolitan Queen♥ says:

    Haha, I’m a black girl and I couldn’t care less who you date!

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