Why do disabled people get discounts?

Hi all,

Just going to pre-empt this and mention the fact that i do support benefits and discounts for the disabled and i am only questioning the justification because i am solely interested.

I understand disabled people get free parking and certain other benefits but one that i felt was bizarre was the 50% off football match tickets, why do they feel the need to give them a 50% discount while others pay full price. I’m not saying i am against it but i wonder why they would need 50% off it doesn’t affect their mobility or any other issues.

I asked my a couple of people who said that there probably would be a discount because "They want more diversity and encourage those who are disabled to be part of the action", well this i don’t think is a valid justification as for example

If i sold match tickets or opened up a store and decided there were not enough asian customers so i decide that i make a sign or something saying

20% off for all asian customers. That is NOT valid as it is a form of discrimination, so in all consideration the 50% off at football matches is discriminating those that aren’t disabled and is not a valid point.

Anyone with any suggestions on any answers on this?

Let me remind you that I was wondering and I fully support discount for disabled.

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13 Responses to “Why do disabled people get discounts?”

  1. person says:

    Disability income is a pittance, but if you don’t have disability income, you’re likely living in poverty or other people are supporting you. So with disability comes a need to be frugal. I would wager that a disabled person is in more need of that 50% discount than someone capable of working and earning a decent living. One can come up with all the rhetoric or political correctness that they want, but it doesn’t cancel out the fact that discounts are a GREAT saver for someone who is disabled, needs to pinch pennies but also wants to have a good time once in a while.

  2. Kojak says:

    Because in Thr U S we are a caring and giving country , I would rather we take care of our own before we spend money on other countries

  3. PAM says:

    the world is full of little puny games for us all so play em and stop asking questions GOD is taking care of us all….i guess…….. ur all crybabys….

  4. pam says:

    I quite agree. Why do they get things free? As you say, there is no justification, when their disability doesn’t stop them doing whatever. Also, why do they get free parking? It’s enough that they get to park nearer things. Lots of people don’t have a lot of money, so the disable persons income shouldn’t be taken into account, especially as they get extra money because of their disability, and can probably afford thing better than a lot of people.
    Neither would I take these privileges away, but you do wonder don’t you.

  5. Michael H says:

    Apparently you don’t live in the Communist-Wealth of Virginia because here in this *ss backwards state "Discounts for the disabled" does not exist. Hell, we are lucky just to get the bare services that is required by law much less anything extra. If the Communist-Wealth of Virginia had its way, we would be all institutionalized and forgotten about without offering the required services that might allow people to be people such as proper medical care or sanitation.

  6. SSA Registered Disabled PWD KING ♕♛ says:

    Within the USA the unemployment rate of PWDs is between 60% and 70% and PWDs that are on SSI and/or SSDI often live in poverty and below the poverty line. This is one of the necessary reasons why PWDs are given discounts and free parking and etc.

    Personal Examples:

    1. In the past I have obtained free parking by parking in a Handicapped Parking Space in a paid parking lot.

    2. In the past I have obtained free admission into the local county fair while other people had to pay an admission fee to get into the local county fair.

  7. Justmeinthisworld says:

    People with disabilities often have LESS income and more expenses.

    A good custom made wheelchair could easily cost $4000 and insurance often doesn’t cover the whole cost…there are extra doctor’s visits, therapies, medication….at home they may need things like a ramp or shower stool…a lot of expensives a person without a disability doesn’t have.

    for me, I have to rely on convenience foods that are more expensive, use a shower stool, just needed batteries for my wheelchair, needed braces for my wrists, knee, feet……need help with heavy cleaning

  8. ♪♫♪♫ Robert ♪♫♪♫ says:

    People with disabilities often have more overheads due to medications, for instance, or if new equipment needs to be purchased because if you went via the government route you’d probably be dead before you got that new wheelchair…

    That’s a way of offsetting some of the costs incurred like that. But when you go to these places (ie: the football), often the area they put people in wheelchairs is crappy anyway.

  9. Maid Angela says:

    I do get a blue badge but other discounts are few and far between. Occasionally I have had a cheap entry into a museum but that is about it. Mind you I do take anything going as I think that losing a leg is a disadvantage so it is best to combat that with as many advantages as possible.

  10. DR + Mrs Bears face says:

    unlike the able bodied it does cost money to be disabled so as we don’t volunteer to be disabled and it costs money just to live and the disability is an extra burden on a low wage as well.
    some kind people have been seen to help the disabled by these concessions.
    would you like to be disabled because we get these concessions, well i would gladly give you mine and i will take your non disabled body instead if you like, because i would rather be able to earn more and play more than i do but i am unable to do so because i have a disability.
    so when can we swap now, as i want to get on and stop sitting front of this damn computer and go do something far more interesting like ride a bike maybe or run a mile or swim a channel.
    concessions never apply to anything very useful, watching footie is not my idea of anything exciting.
    just a load of idiots chasing a ball for 90 Min’s and they never get it together.

  11. sashs.geo says:

    Discounts are usually so that someone can take a carer with them and not have to pay double.

    It costs a lot to have a disability so some places give a discount because they know that otherwise you would not be able to afford to go.

    You talk about discrimination, the DDA is unique in British law that it ALLOWS discrimination, but it has to be in favour of hte disabled person.

    Also buildings are supposed to be ‘accessible’ but they are not – so some places give a discount becaue they are not accessible. So in the case of the football ground, you might not be able to sit where you want to because there is not a wheelchair space, or the seating is upstairs. So the football ground is discriminating because it won’t let you sit where you want, as compensation they give you 50% discount.

  12. Hey says:

    I’m not exactly sure but perhaps that most disabled people struggle to get jobs or find jobs. Some have certain health conditions that restrict them from getting a job. Therefore they don’t have much money and so they are entitled to get discounts, free parking spaces etc. Just to make things a little easier for them.

    Like how are they going to enjoy life if everything is going to be too expensive for them.

    People who aren’t disabled can find work or get jobs easier, therefore they have more money.

  13. Mazzz ☼ says:

    There are not always discounts available to people with disabilities. They have to pay double fare for a wheelchair accessible taxi, pay for tickets for carers, may not be able to use a ticket brought in advance if they are having a bad day. Many venues also have a very limited number of tickets available for people with disabilities so tickets have to be booked in advance and many people who have disabilities cannot get a ticket at all.

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